My name is Sarah Blendstrup and I have been a Danish teacher since 2018. I am a native Dane with a Master’s degree in Danish language and literature from the University of Southern Denmark, and I am trained in second-language learning and acquisition from Copenhagen University. 

My lessons can focus on different aspects depending on your current level and goals. I work regularly with the following cases.

We can discuss your current situation, goals and timeframe during our first lesson, and from there build a customized study plan.

As a person, I am very patient, and it is important for me that you feel comfortable showing me your difficulties and giving your opinion.

The lessons can take place on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Jitsi Meet, Skype, or Zoom. I have built a variety of teaching materials such as slides, grammar descriptions, exercises and texts of varying difficulty, flashcards and quizzes. I can also send short lecture notes after each class if the student requests them.

You can check out my profile and reviews in Preply and Verbling. You can download my full CV in English and Danish.

If you have any questions, you can write to me at sarah.blendstrup@gmail.com or on Facebook. 

I also offer the following additional services.

You can book lessons through teaching platforms or directly. 

Booking lessons through a platform

We can arrange lessons through one of the third-party platforms where I teach: Italki, Verbling and Preply (Sarah B.). These platforms include their own payment and videoconference systems and you will have to create an account with them. Please note that they charge a fee ranging from 15% to 18%, and while you can make payments with a credit card, I have to use PayPal on my end, which adds another 4% fee. Therefore, my rates are higher on these platforms than if you book directly with me.

Even in case you decide to book lessons directly, you are welcome to read my reviews and stats on these platforms.

Just so you know, Verbling does not allow teaching children under the age of 13 even with parental supervision

Booking lessons directly

You can also book lessons directly with me. In that case, the lessons can be on Skype, Hangouts or Zoom. 

My rate for private customers is 500 Danish kroner (DKK) per hour, which is around 72 USD/hour (but the rate in non-Danish currency is always calculated from Danish kroner at the time of the invoice)

For business clients located in Denmark, 25% of VAT/MOMS has to be added, so the total rate is 625 DKK. Any other clients are exempt from VAT/MOMS (business clients located outside Denmark or private customers located anywhere).

I offer a discount of 5% when you buy a bundle of 5 hours, or 10% when you buy 10 hours, which you can spend on lessons of 30, 45 or 60 minutes (with 2 - 5 minutes of break). 

I recommend that you book a free 30-minute introductory lesson before you consider buying a bundle.

I can also teach groups. This is useful if, for instance, you have a family member who also wants to learn Danish. The rates are the following. 

If you are interested in group lessons but you don't know someone in person who wants to take the lessons with you, you can let me know and I will try to match you with other students with similar timetables.

If you have any questions or you want to book an introductory lesson with me, you can contact me at sarah.blendstrup@gmail.com or on Facebook. You can tell me about your current level and goals.

From the students' perspective

Sophia Weimin Han, owner of Apis Footwear

I have been learning Danish with Sarah for more than a year. To me, who speaks English with a Chinese mother tongue, Danish is a very difficult language to learn. But with Sarah, the experience is productive and full of fun.

Sarah’s teaching style makes the lessons engaging and enjoyable, and it keeps me motivated to learn. She keeps clear communication on explaining grammar rules and vocabulary in a way that’s easy to understand. She identifies my strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring efficient progress. She is also a very patient and supportive teacher. She takes the time to explain concepts thoroughly and encourages me to practice without feeling rushed. I’m impressed by her sense of humor, and that fills the learning time with a lot of fun. Her enthusiasm and encouragement have been helping me stay committed to learning. I highly recommend Sarah to be your Danish instructor.

Rámi El-Rashid, Data Scientist at CathVision

I have been learning Danish from Sarah for a bit over a year. She has been great at adapting the lessons to my needs and is always ready with something fun for the next lesson. I'm becoming more and more confident in Danish, I can really recommend Sarah as a teacher!

Una Neumann, People and Culture Manager at Eupry

Sarah provides feedback and guidance in a very constructive way. That has been of great help when I was preparing for my PD3 exam, which I managed to pass with solid grades thanks to her. She also manages to strike a balance between natural conversation and a good structure, and is in general nice to talk to - which is why I am also continuing with our lessons in preparation for Studieprøven :) I would highly recommend working with her if you are looking to take your Danish skills to the next level!

Erin Daina McClellan, Associate Professor at the Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University.

Sarah is the reason that we consider ourselves "part" of Danish society, not least because we can FINALLY get along in everyday Danish. 

We moved to Denmark as a family during the covid-19 pandemic with no Danish family and no knowledge of Danish. We found ourselves in the untenable position of trying to meet the 3x week daytime class requirements at the sprog center (where we were entitled to free language education) while trying to work full time and support our children in their own transition to Danish school system. We found ourselves overstretched and without meaningful feedback about our language learning progress. 

We were barely passing our module tests at the sprog center and worried about being able to pass our PD3 exam (necessary for non-EU residents to receive permanent residency) when the time came. Simultaneously, our children quickly tested "out" of the basis program (a "good" thing at its core) but realized this meant an end to their language learning support at school. We were devastated, because suddenly we had no one to help us. Enter Sarah.

We first hired Sarah as a "conversation partner" for my husband and I as we prepared for our PD2 exam. At the beginning, it was very difficult for us to understand what others said in Danish. She was both patient and able to use English in combination with Danish, so we could actually understand spoken Danish in addition to learning grammar. We always looked forward to our time with Sarah each week. She was often the only person who made us all feel like we could actually succeed (other factors in our everyday life sometimes felt impossible). The day my mom passed away, I was forced to pass a modul test at the sprog center in order to withdraw without losing my deposit. This proved to be the end of our time at the sprog center, but we still needed a lot of help to prepare for our language exam. Sarah added more lessons for us each week and we began the difficult process of preparing for our exams. She got us through the PD2 Exam (with high marks) AND gave us the confidence to prepare for (and pass) the PD3 Exam as well.

Most recently, Sarah adjusted our courses to account for the weekly in-person workplace Danish language learning class that we enrolled in. This combination proved to be the perfect match for us. She supplemented our in-class learning, answered our questions and provided the conversation practice we always need. 

We also added dedicated weekly lessons for our children. Sarah worked with us to support them and their unique needs. I must write that I do not know what we all would do without Sarah! She is a person that my children trust. She is one of the only people they can count on to help them understand, succeed, and improve without feeling stupid or incapable. She reviews homework assignments, recommends good books and is currently supporting my eldest as he prepares for 9th grade leaving exams in Danish. She is the reason we feel capable of living "Danishly".

About me

I inherited my love for Danish and languages from my paternal grandmother, who was a teacher of Danish and History for many years. With her, I developed a keen interest in teaching, and when I was about to finish Upper Secondary School, I knew that I wanted to do a Master’s in Danish literature and Latin language. 

Before being a teacher online I worked as a teaching assistant in an undergraduate introductory course in Danish language, culture, and history as part of an internship at Lund University.  

Besides Danish and English, I speak German and Swedish, and my minor is Classical Latin. I am currently learning Spanish.  

You can download my full CV in English here, and in Danish here.